Hybrid Perceptual/Bitstream


The goal of the VQEG Hybrid Perceptual/Bitstream (HBS) group is to evaluate perceptual quality models suitable for digital video quality measurement in video and multimedia services delivered over an IP network. The scope of the testplan covers a range of applications including IPTV, internet streaming and mobile video. The primary point of use for the measurement tools evaluated by the HBS group is considered to be operational environments, although they may be used for performance testing in the laboratory.

For this HBS test, video test sequences will be presented to evaluators(viewers). Evaluators will provide one quality ratings for each test sequence directly (MOS) and one quality rating indirectly (DMOS), which will be calculated using hidden reference removal. Within this test plan, the hybrid project will testvideo only.

The performance of objective models will be based on the comparison of the MOS or DMOS obtained from controlled subjective tests and the MOS or DMOS predicted by the submitted models. This testplan defines the test method, selection of source test material (termed SRCs) and processed test conditions (termed HRCs), and evaluation metrics to examine the predictive performance of competing objective hybrid/bit-stream quality models.

A final report will be produced after the analysis of test results.