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H264AnnexBExtraction is a C++ application extracting the H.264 byte stream from network traces (.pcap files) containing H.264 streaming. Extraction of the H.264 byte stream is consistent with Annex B to the ITU-T Recommendation H.264. The output file is the H.264 Annex B byte stream with extension .264.

Furthermore, H264AnnexBExtraction contains two additional functions. The first generates an XML file containing detailed information about RTP/H.264 video transmission. The second additional function provides mechanisms for simulating random packet loss while the H.264 byte stream is being created. This process is available by setting the percentage of packets which should be randomly omitted during H.264 byte stream extraction.

H264AnnexBExtraction relies on the TracesPlay tool (http://tracesplay.sourceforge.net/), which is linked to this project as a C++ library. The TracesPlay library is used for examining network packets from the input file. The library provides values of certain protocol fields for further analysis in H264AnnexBExtraction.

H264AnnexBExtraction is compatible with the Linux operating system and works as a Linux command line application.

The work has been co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Innovative Economy Operational Programme, INSIGMA project no. POIG.01.01.02-00-062/09

Note: a license agreement should be completed prior to downloading the software.

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