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AVRate: Audiovisual quality rating tool

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AVRate is a program which allows people to view video and listen to audio data and then rate the seen content by different means of software and ha


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StreamSim is a useful tool which is able to encode raw video material with different settings and stream the encoded results via pre-defined network configura

Video quality indicators - AGH


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A set of No Reference metrics to evaluate the level of distortion (like blocking and blurring) present in a video file is offered by


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VQEGPlayer is a software for performing subjective video quality experiments for Windows 7 in 64bit.

Deutsche Telekom AG, T-Labs (Research & Innovation) - ITU-T P.1201.2 audiovisual quality estimation tool

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This tool is an implementation of the audiovisual coding quality module of the ITU-T P.1201.2 standard.

Web-Enabled Subjective Test (WEST)

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The Web-Enabled Subjective Test (WEST) software package offers a solution to the problem of gathering subjective testing data from multiple locations and multiple portable or computing devices.

Definitely Lossless

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DEFINITELY LOSSLESS provides a solution to reliably trans


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H264AnnexBExtraction is a C++ application extracting the H.264 byte stream from network traces (.pcap files) containing H.264 streaming.


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Installation process: 
  1. You need to run cmake from build directory:
    PcapLossGenerator/build$ cmake ..
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