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Multimedia Phase I

Multimedia Phase I  validated objective video quality models that predicted the quality of VGA, CIF, and QCIF. Model performance was analyzed against both coding-only impairments and transmission errors. Models were submitted in 2007 and VQEG's Final Report was approved September 12, 2008.


HDTV validated objective video quality models that predicted the quality of High Definition Television (HDTV). This testplan examined Full References (FR), Reduced Reference (RR) and No References (NR) objective video quality models. Models were submitted in 2009 and VQEG's Final Report was approved June 30, 2010. All NR models were withdrawn.

Hybrid Perceptual/Bitstream


The goal of the VQEG Hybrid Perceptual/Bitstream (HBS) group is to evaluate perceptual quality models suitable for digital video quality measurement in video and multimedia services delivered over an IP network. The scope of the testplan covers a range of applications including IPTV, internet streaming and mobile video. The primary point of use for the measurement tools evaluated by the HBS group is considered to be operational environments, although they may be used for performance testing in the laboratory.


Information about the 3DTV-project can be found here.


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The Joint Effort Group is a new activity of VQEG group that proposes an alternative collaborative action. Usually VQEG inspects models performance from individual proponents with respects to jointly developed testplans in a competitive manner. 

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